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Wednesday, September 07, 2005 

An Open Letter to the Media, RE: Hurricane Katrina

Subject: Recent media coverage of Hurrican Katrina & her aftermath

To Whom it May Concern:

I find your recent coverage of Hurricane Katrina to be ignorant at best. What's more, I consider your lack of objectivity in reporting and obvious left-wing bias to be the beginning of the end for modern media, all because you forgot one important factor in today's society - the Internet. I take comfort in knowing that the demise of the Lamestream Media is right around the corner, and most of the blame can be placed on you and your liberal extremist colleagues.

I do have one simple question for you, however. Why do you continue to make the same feeble attempts over and over again? An educated individual would quickly realize that when one method does not work, you move on to another. Nonetheless, you continue your biased tirades against the Bush administration, exploiting every tragedy and the victims you get your blood-stained hands on. It just doesn't make sense! I guess that is why I believe the modern liberal establishment is all the evidence that evolution did, in fact, occur. Unfortunately, it seems to have passed over the liberal mindset.

So, for those of you who may be reading this, wishing to restore some kind of dignity to a once honorable profession, here are a few truths regarding Hurricane Katrina, and the federal response to the event:

1. George Bush is not King - this was a state issue and, as such, disaster relief efforts had to be initiated by the state government.

2. Governor Kathleen Blanco (a flaming liberal), when asked on TUESDAY NIGHT for clearance for the Red Cross, National Guard and other federal resources to enter New Orleans, said she needed 24 hours to make a decision.

3. The USS Bataan was positioned in the Gulf and had just come from exercises off Panama. They were well aware of the storm, and actually rode it out, THEN FOLLOWED IT IN to shore. Personnel from the Bataan were given Presidential Authority to act, and then had to await the Governor's instructions.

4. Likewise, the military was prepared and had authorization to enter New Orleans from outside the city, but had to wait for state approval.

5. On August 28, the President prepared major disaster declarations for the locales along the gulf, clearing the way for the use of federal funds & resources. NOTE: The hurricane didn't actually hit until Monday, the 29th.

6. On the 29th, shortly after the worst of the storm had passed, the Coast Guard was on scene, saving stranded victims.

7. By August 30th, victims were being evacuated by NATIONAL GUARD PERSONNEL, who happen to be federal resources.

The lessons to be learned here?

1. The government has no obligation, and cannot be expected, to save your butt. That is what America is about - the land of freedom & opportunity, but it's up to you to succeed.

2. The welfare state is a major factor in the problems witnessed in New Orleans and other areas. "I don't have to evacuate - the government will save my sorry ass."

3. Liberals, not only in government but in the media as well, ARE LIARS.

So there. I'm done with my first post on this blog, and although the focus was a natural disaster, the underlying theme is that we have a wonderful medium with the Internet. Let's get the word out.

Oh, and the Lamestream Media? Screw you.

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