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Tuesday, October 04, 2005 

Got a wild hair today...

...and bought another domain. This one is http://www.flipthiswebsite.com. FlipThisWebsite.com is a site for those interested in buying, selling or trading their complete websites and domains. I also have some other plans for it, which include some pretty cool things. I can't say any more than that at this point, but I will keep you updated here.

So here I am, another night down the tubes. Class was a bit long, but it was good. I am teaching a Visual Basic programming class this term, and it's kind of neat to watch these guys go from knowing nothing to building small apps and then getting more complex. It's almost like you can see their brain growing. While I love my job, and being in the classroom is a feeling like no other, I need to get my rear in gear and get something else going pretty quick. These late nites and early mornings are kicking my ass.

I guess I could be in bed right now, but the warm glow of this late 90s' model monitor screen is just too inviting. No flatscreen, you ask? Nah - I have my beefed up machine, and that's all I need. Who cares what the monitor looks like, as long as you can see the stuff on the screen. Not that there is anything wrong with flatscreen monitors - I think they are beautiful and all that I've seen work beyond great. I would just rather put my cash into the box at this point, and worry about the other stuff later.

Speaking of later, I need to make like a baby and head out.

Until next time...


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