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Sunday, October 16, 2005 

I love Sunday, especially during football season. Though today I choose to sit here on the computer. Not a whole hell of a lot to say today - trying to recover from a Jagermeister binge that started at about 11:00pm last nite and didn't end until about 5:00am this morning.

We still haven't made it out to WAL MART yet, but we have to do so before today is over. It really sucks when all you do is go and go during the week, only to have to go places on the weekend. Every chance I get to sit at home and relax, I'm taking it.

While browsing a few blogs this morning, I found a few cool things. First of all is BlogMad - a cool new way of getting people to check out your blog, etc. Check it out by CLICKING HERE.

Another cool site is BlogExplosion, where there are all sorts of neat things for blogs. If you have a blog, you definately want to CHECK THEM OUT. They offer a service where you browse other blogs, earn credits, and then promote your own blog with the credits you earn. So far it has been pretty good to me. They also have a neat feature called "Battle of the Blogs", where two blogs compete for wagered credits. The winner is determined by votes submitted by other BlogExplosion members.

My son and I listed a few items on eBay last nite and this morning. The items listed include:

Huge Lot of Spider-Man Comics
Huge Lot of Deathlands books by James Axler
Lot of Playstation 2 Games (Punisher, Ratchet & Clank)
Lot of 28 Outlanders books by James Axler

It's kinda cool to see my son getting into the eBay thing. I told him, however, that anything he wants to buy must be financed by putting things up for sale :) The idea to sell the items we have listed was his, and he worked hard at getting them all together, getting them ready, etc.

The Continuing Saga of my Site Stats

Here are the latest site stats. I've added some additional stats, just because. I'm contemplating getting into keyword tweaking, etc. so if that interests you, stick around. Specifically, I'm going to start the process of tweaking SEO features to see if that does anything for me. If you have ever done this type of thing, I would love to hear from you (unless, of course, you are trying to sell me SEO services).


Link Popularity - 21
Unique Visitors (Oct. 1 - Oct. 16) - 190
Page Views - 1004
Googlebot's Last Visit - Oct. 16, 02:44
Search Terms Used to Find Site - missing, persons, websites, skiptracer, lost, investigative
4.7% of visitors added the site to their favorites/bookmarks

NOTE: This site is still for sale. I am continuing to take offers until the end of this month. If I don't sell by then, I've got a few plans.


Link Popularity - 842
Unique Visitors (Oct. 1 - Oct. 16) - 89
Page Views - 1171
Googlebot's Last Visit - Oct. 16, 09:36
Search Terms Used to Find Site - googcom, what, google, knows, about, you, all
2.2% of visitors added the site to their favorites/bookmarks


Link Popularity - 66
Unique Visitors (Oct. 1 - Oct. 16) - 99
Page Views - 808
Googlebot's Last Visit - Oct. 16, 03:02
Search Terms Used to Find Site - western slope jobs, referenda c, western slope
7% of visitors added the site to their favorites/bookmarks


Link Popularity - 7
Unique Visitors (Oct. 1 - Oct. 16) - 164
Page Views - 919
Googlebot's Last Visit - Oct. 16, 02:43
Search Terms Used to Find Site - virtual real estate
3.6% of visitors added the site to their favorites/bookmarks

Hope you enjoy today's 'snippet' (above). They say sex sells - we'll see how this post goes...


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