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Tuesday, October 18, 2005 

Just the Essentials...

My gorgeous wife took this 'snippet'. She says it embodies everything that is me - Jagermeister, Camel Turkish Royals, Pepsi and my computer (monitor). Hence the title, Jut the Essentials...

Monday is over. I felt great today, despite the fact that it was Monday. I was even feeling good enough to get in a stab at those godammed cry me a friekin' river liberals by writing my "Reasons to Vote NO on Referenda C & D over at WesternSlopeOnline.com.

Colorado has got some of the damned boldest politicians I've ever seen. How can they seriously ask the hard working people of Colorado to give up their tax returns for the next five years (possibly longer) to fix problems created by ignorant, tax & spend, fiscally irresponsible politicians.

I understand Colorado is facing some dire economic woes, but they won't be fixed by writing a blank check to a state government run by liberal Democrat extremists. My biggest issue with these referenda is that they totally defy any economic sense whatsoever. Here's the deal: When my family is facing budget problems, the last thing we do is increase spending, and forget giving ourselves a 6% raise every year. Instead, we have to take a good, hard look at our finances, and start CUTTING SPENDING. Hell, I wish I could run my family budget like the whacked out politicians here in Colorado do.

Meanwhile, they totally neglect or reject (particularly here on the Western Slope) any kind of improvement that would alter the lifestyle in the area in any manner. This State sucks when it comes to employment. Sure, our unemployment rates have been low lately, but what kind of jobs are there? In this area, you would be lucky to find anything over $10/hour. But there are PLENTY of jobs available in the restaurant & retail industries - if you don't mind $6.50 - $8.00 an hour.

Interestingly enough, this area's population is expected to double in a fairly short amount of time (something like 20 years). The people are on their way. But the area does not have the strong job market that is going to be required to sustain the growth. I'm predicting this area will eventually end up one huge slum.

Holy cow! I didn't see that rant coming. Anyhow, I have got to hit the sack.


if you were a preacher i would say AMEN! but since your not i did get a chance to vote on this matter and there was no spot for "ahh hell na" or any thing more than no but i did vote no for both!!

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