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Tuesday, October 18, 2005 

Lamestream Media Screws it up again...

How far are they willing to go to create news? Today, on "Today", reporter Michelle Kosinski staged - yes, staged - video of how dire the situation was in New Jersey. To prove the dire straits, she had her cameraman film her as she paddeled a canoe down a 'flooded' street. As the cameraman panned out, two people walked between Kosinski & her cameraman, revealing that the water was actually only a few inches deep. The water doesn't even reach the top of the unknown individuals' shoes! Ratbastards anyhow.

Here's a link to the video in Windows Media Format: Caught Red Handed!

BTW, keep the boobie pics coming...this is going to be interesting.

That's stupid... maybe that would be a good excuse for why I don't watch TV much these days... hehe

Nice picture, sounds like they are using similar stunts to the ones used in LA and MS after Katrina.

That is just wrong. I hate when the media does stupid stuff like that.

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