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Saturday, October 29, 2005 

Writing Contest Update & Special Guest, Angie!

Great response to the writing contest, and a few updates have been made.

The Contest

Over the next few weeks, I am going to post a number of articles about writing, along with a writing prompt. Anyone who follows along with the articles & prompts should have a finished story at the end.

Those that choose to follow along, and submit their regular 'assignment' (prompt), will be entered into a drawing to win FREE WEB HOSTING for a full year. This is not banner or ad supported hosting, either. It's a complete, full featured web hosting package, including 40Mb of space, 1Gig of transfer every month, unlimited email accounts, pre-packaged scripts (blogs, shopping carts, message boards, etc) and much more.

In addition, the winner will be featured here, and will receive their story in e-book form to do as they wish. The winner is encouraged and also receives resources & tools to help him or her promote their story online. Basically, the winner gets a great start to a successful writing career.

I am in the process of working with several connections to get the word out about this contest. If you would like to link to it, I would appreciate that very much. Drop me a note & let me know where you posted the link, and I'll provide a return link. If you need more info about the contest, email me at thegeek@thegeekunderground.com.

To enter the contest, email me at the addy above and let me know you'll be participating.

The Prompt

This is the first prompt in a series. Begin your journey by describing your main character. Tell me everything you know about him or her. What do they look like? What do they dress like? What are their physical, emotional & spiritual concerns? Just sit down and start writing. Don't worry about syntax, grammer or anything else - this isn't going to be seen by anyone but you and I.

After you finish, email your character description to me at thegeek@thegeekunderground.com.


Special Guest, Angie!

As you may have noticed, I have a new resident in the rent my blog box over there on the right. This week, Angie of "Ficken Chingers" is featured. So here's what I want you to do: scroll over there and check her blog out. She's a rockin' chick with a rockin' blog. Don't believe me? That's OK, cuz I got to interview Angie via email earlier, and here it is, published for all of you:

How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging on October 30, 2004. That means my bloggy birthday (or is that blogiversary?) is coming up. Um, where's the party??

What is your favorite blogging tool or resource?

Wait...there are blogging tools and resources??

What makes a good blog?

A good blog, simply put, is one that entertains me. A blog that is entertaining can be funny, serious, snarky, whatever, but usually not political. ;)

If you had a chance to interview anyone as a 'Special Guest' on your blog, who would it be?

Wow, what a hard question! Anyone who reads my blog knows that I am such a "star gazer." Star as in celebrities. I'm going to be all shallow here and NOT pick someone from history. I'm not going to pick someone smart and intellectual who might tell me the meaning of life. I will have to say...Dave Matthews. It would be an interview where he was so in tune with me, he would answer the questions before I even asked. Then, he would insist on singing to me, where I would melt into a puddle on my chair. Do you think he would leave his wife for a fat, married, 80s freak from Indiana? Hang on..were you thinking an interview with another in blog land, because if so just totally turned that into a big weird thing. Nevermind. Next question?

You've been elected President of the Blogosphere - what do you do first?

That's Madame President to you. Oh, and could you bow upon my entering the room? A bowl of m&m's would be nice, too. Ok, a woman's work is never done. What would I do first? Make my blog the prettiest in the land...and the wittiest. :) Otherwise, I would have a NO WHINING policy! Opinions, yes. Whining, NO. You whine, you lose your blog. (unless, of course, you are MY bloggy friend whereas I would have many many exceptions to the rule. Hey, I'M in charge.)

What is your secret to blogging success?

My secret to blogging success. In a word? Nudity.

If you mean, how did I get regular readers, then it was downright whoring myself all over the blog world. I surfed blogs. I commented like crazy. I joined Blog Explosion. I played the meet and greet at micheleagnew.com. Now, I have a handful of people who actually come back to see what I write. Suckers!

Tell us something we don't know about you.

I secretly would love to be a writer...of erotica.

Thanks for featuring my interview. I had fun! :) You rock!

you blow... nudity LOL


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